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Echeverria Izquierdo has its origins in October 1978. Fernando Echeverria Vial, Alvaro Izquierdo and Francisco Silva Wachholtz Johnson created a construction company for small remodeling, home repairs, construction of swimming pools, tennis courts and other minor works.

In the 80s’, after the severe crisis that hit the country, the company begins to carry out projects of building height, achieving specialize in the art of reinforced concrete. Echeverria Izquierdo manages to differentiate itself from competitors reaching own label. In 1987 Bernardo Vial Echeverria joined as partner Echeverria Izquierdo, after the departure of Francisco Silva.

Born in 1988 VSL Special Systems Construction, representative of the firm VSL International, a subsidiary of it since 1995. VSL achieved an undisputed leadership in post-tensioned slabs, walls retained earth and related engineering. Today it is present both in Chile and in Argentina.

In 1989 he enters the market of special foundations. Piling is created S.A. which successfully introduced to market new technologies. Piling Terratest born in 1998, as a union of Pilotes S.A. and Terratest Special Techniques (Spain). Today is a leader in geotechnics and foundations, with products such as post-tensioned anchors, micro piles, columns of gravel, soil nailing, among others, an undisputed leader in Chile and Peru.

In the following years larger projects are built, highlighting office buildings, shopping centers and housing and services in the center of Santiago and the El Golf.

In 1996 the constructor takes the name Echeverria Izquierdo, Engineering and Construction. That year Echeverria Izquierdo, Real Estate and Investment to manage real estate projects is created. In the following years this division will develop housing projects in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Concepción center and some in the V Region of the country.

In 1998 Echeverria Izquierdo Montajes Industriales, it is incorporated as a partner in this subsidiary Barros Dario Ramirez. With relevant markets in industrial assembly and construction of infrastructure presence. Echeverria Izquierdo is now a key player in the mining, energy, petrochemical and pulp sectors. In recent years it enters the area of ​​concessions, especially developing projects underground parking lots.

In 2007 Echeverria Izquierdo S.A. is created, becoming the holding company parent.

In 2011 Echeverria Izquierdo S.A. absorbs 100% of the shares Echeverria Izquierdo Montajes Industriales, joining Dario R. Barros as a partner of the holding company. Echeverria Izquierdo born in 2011 Peru, to address the business of industrial installations, building and real estate in the neighboring country.

In August 2012, the company went public, raising US$88 million for 25% of the property

The expansion process shows results for the year 2013, as first all subsidiaries Echeverria Izquierdo have a presence in Peru.

That same year the acquisition of all of Chile and Peru Pilotes Terratest, investment to strengthen the Engineering and Construction unit is performed. While the company acquires 51% stake Nexxo SA, specializing in industrial maintenance and chemical cleaning company, which expands the range of industrial services in which you participate. In 2018 the participation in Nexxo grows to 72%. By 2023, the participation is 86%.

There are more than 45 years of recognized experience, participating in the most outstanding works of its category in the country. With the support of a great team, a solid and sustained growth, and financial stability, Echeverria Izquierdo is recognized as a leader in the industry.